Advanced Product Design
masters programme

The industrial designer’s role as coordinator of the problem solving process is gaining increasing important as innovation and new technologies become more significant in the design process.

The increasing complexities and demands for multi-disciplinary teamwork in the product development process demand a more holistic approach, which is one of the modern industrial designer’s greatest attributes and the basis for the Advanced Product Design program here in Umeå.

The product areas covered in this years degree projects were a conceptual motor grader for road construction, prototype development of a movement analysis unit, accessibility in public transportation, wild fire suppression with a autonomous and modular vehicle, a household appliance, tactile navigation for the visually impaired and service design of a subscription based bicycle system for the city of Umeå.

These projects were all sponsored by either a company, a local authority or a research unit, this and the wide range of themes indicates the span of design opportunities waiting for the industrial designer to identify, address and improve through the analytical and creative working methods of industrial design.

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