Annika Larsson
Advanced Product Design
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The trend of household baking machines in the 80´s has been reborn, although design-wise not much has changed. Still, with current models the bread looks fabricated and programs bake too large an amount which does not stay fresh. Panettiera is designed based upon user requests for an improved bread experience, considering the form, color and size of the bread. Panettiera combines Electrolux´s heritage of ovens and dough blending machines, while its emotional and visual user experience is intended as an inspiration source for future models.

Like the visual experience of the wake-up-light, I wanted to create a visual and emotional experience product for Electrolux. Due to Electrolux’s history in ovens and dough blending machines I wanted to combine their heritage into a new kind of baking machine, with focus on the bread and user experience. Producing a product which the user would like to demonstrate to visitors and feel proud of owning.

Design opportunities were discovered through user studies, questionnaires and experimental research. Current baking machines are big, bulky and often inconveniently stored in a cupboard, resulting in low usage frequency. The bread they produce lack a home-made-look, nice form and color, and even the smallest sized bread still lasts too long resulting in the bread is not being fresh in the end. Concept evaluation was made by visiting some previously interviewed users with sketch models for feedback.

Electrolux Panettiera is designed for frequent usage and convenient counter top storage, providing a bread size of 250 grams/500 grams. It is easily maintained and creates a visual experience with its revealing top, and innovative transforming modes between bowl/plate and rotation. The bread it provides looks home-made, and has a nice natural form and color. Panettiera has a recipe software converter for adjusting personal favorites and a convenient built-in scale for easy ingredient adding.

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Panettiera - the handy baking machine