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Surikat gives fire officers in the rescue service a new possibility to take part in a rescue operation without their own physical presence. Surikat is mounted on smaller operative vehicles. With a wide-angle digital camera, a thermal imaging unit, and a weather station it wirelessly gathers data from the top of a ten meter tall retractable telescopic mast. This information is then sent back to the command centre to be used for decision making and evaluative purposes.

A rescue operation consists not only of the operative units on the scene of accident, but also of a strategic support at a command centre. Today, the information exchange is very low between the command centre and the operative units. This makes strategic decision making harder for the officer in the command centre. A general overview of the scene of accident communicated directly from the operative unit to the command centre is therefore crucial in order to be able to make more accurate decisions.

The primary issue was to investigate what kind information is needed for decision making. The conclusion was to provide visual information from a bird’s eye perspective, including weather and thermal information. I visited high altitude photographers, went up in sky lifts and cranes, and interviewed firemen and officers at several different Swedish fire departments in order to get a good picture of the whole scenario. Through sketches, mock-ups and a lot of testing the final result in shape of a mast began to form.

What is revolutionary about Surikat is its simplicity and robustness. There is one motor making the whole mast rise and extend from the horizontal transportation mode. The number of moving parts has been reduced to a minimum to ensure maximum durability and reliability. Due to its modest size and weight it can be mounted on smaller cars, for example the Volvo V70. Surikat is developed for rescue services but might also be used by in other fields where it is vital to quickly overview a certain area.

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Riskbedömning i tre dimensioner (Risk assessment in three dimensions)

Myndigheten För Samhällsskydd Och Beredskap MSB, Samt ÅF