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The main purpose of the project is to explore robotic applications in order to overcome shortcomings of people within the forest fire suppression operations in future scenarios. Autonomous fire guard concept can operate faster and more efficiently while keeping people away from the hard, dirty and dangerous tasks of forest fire suppression operations.

Forest fire suppression operations require weeks of hard, dangerous and dirty work due to its tough working conditions such as high flames, smoke, heat and rough terrain. In some cases the whole operation can take months before everything is under control, which means that it is an expensive process and needs to be done in an efficient way. Autonomous machines can contribute a lot in this scenario by doing the same job faster, more efficiently, safer and cheaper.

It is an exploratory project based on literature survey and interviews with the experts. Two fire engineers, one fire instructor and a PhD researcher who is currently working on autonomous machine technologies were interviewed and used to get inputs throughout the whole project. Scenario sketches were done in order to explore different design opportunities. Form and function sketches together with physical mock-ups were used for further development of the project.

The final design is a fully autonomous mobile product that is equipped with laser scanners, IR cameras and radar technologies to be able to sense its environment. It is designed to be used in the last phase of a forest fire suppression operation which is called mopping-up. It investigates the hot spots in the area and cools down these hot spots to finalize the suppression operation. It is also capable of housing different tool modules for different tasks of forest fire suppression operations.

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