Benjamin Dueñas
Interaction Design
+46 76 110 56 07

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Living Sculptures is the concept of a sculpture, series of sculptures, or sculptural spaces around the city of Umeå that enhance the experience of living in the city and promote new interactions with it. I am looking to provoke new spaces for reunion, celebration, reference linked with the memories of the people around, places for magic experiences.

My intention with this project is to use interaction design to create a sculpture that questions the use of the technology on a daily basis; proposing a slow interaction with the people in the city and with the environment.

First of all I think that this is my dream project, it is inspired in the city of Umeå and different cities around the world. I am interested in the interaction of people with the city and the environment. I want to take advantage of the special things happening in the transforming city of Umeå through the summer and winter. My intention is to connect people with the city and the environment by means of a sculpture.

The “Vagabond house” results from the story of a man who disassembled his house in Umeå when the city was abandoned after one of the big fires. On his return from travelling he decided to help create a new, transformed Umeå. My proposal is an example of a soniture – furniture that makes wooden sounds – located on the Ume River, a site accessible to all which connects art, the city and nature. It expands the presence of time looking for moments of reflection and mental rest.

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