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The aim of the Accessible City Bus Project is to create an accessible public transportation service considering equality and accessibility. Considering transportation needs of the society and future public transportation scenarios, Accessible City Bus is designed to be an accessible service for an open society where diversity is welcomed and appreciated.

Sweden has a goal for accessibility to be implemented in public areas by 2010. Public areas and public transportation vehicles are being redesigned to reach this goal. However, looking at the existing city buses, there is still a lot to be improved. The aim of the accessible city bus project is to identify the accessibility problems in existing city buses and to create a concept answering the requirements to meet equality and independency in public transportation services.

The project is divided into two phases, research and creating a concept. During the research phase, the city buses in Umea were observed and different users interviewed in order to find out problem areas in public transportation. In the design phase, according to results of the research, problem areas were identified in order to find out design opportunities. Different interior lay outs and accessibility features were explored with mock ups and sketches.

As a result of the project a city bus interior design is proposed including the city bus system and user scenarios.

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