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Transportation Design
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Description Inspiration Method Final Design

A new private delivery commuter, Breathe, will be performing three different roles for people living in a metropolis in 2038. 1. Quick light delivery service 2. Public transportation 3. Personal commuter. The Breathe will be fully driven by GPS and have two different package modes: human transporting and goods delivering.

In the year of 2038, people will be producing and consuming at the same time within their home-office. These people, called prosumers, will both produce and deliver physical product to the customers whenever they want it. Therefore they need a device for delivery. Due to huge population growth, there will be a demand for a new public transportation system which makes it easier and more efficient to travel while also providing a solution to the problem of limited space.

For the benefit of space efficiency on the road in a big city, the Priveter will be used both as a private commuter and delivery device, so that the number of the transportation devices will be decreased. The Priveter reduces the unnecessary usage of private vehicles, public transportations, and even delivery vehicles by transforming into three different modes. Designed with advanced materials, the Priveter can transform its body shape and proportion.

The first animation explains about the functions of the Breathe concept, and how it works in detail. The second animation shows one of the potential illustrations of how the Breathe concept can be used in both commuter and delivery modes.

Private delivery commuter, Breathe