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The surface doubles as the structure bringing an added level of safety and functional beauty to the vehicle. The core would be the strongest part with the outer surface being relatively flexible. Impact force would be spread over the surface away from the point of contact. Such a structure would use advanced materials providing unmatched levels of occupant protection. This structure along with self-righting and pit climbing systems will give the vehicle a distinct advantage in competition.

There are a number of issues when dealing with the conditions experienced in the desert. Most are tackled through simple common sense and preparations prior to venturing into the desert itself. However, three key problems can result in extremely dangerous situations: capsizing, field repairs, and falling into a pit. These problems occur frequently and often cannot be solved by the driver alone; those that can be resolved often take so long that they result in the driver and his team being taken out of contention.

In an effort to solve the three key issues (capsizing, field repairs, pitfalls), an all-new type of rally vehicle is needed. A vehicle with a new type of chassis structure, utilizing advanced materials (AeroGel, Carbon/Kevlar composite, and liquid metal) and incorporating additional functionality (modular type tyres, Self Righting System) to eliminate the serious injuries and the need for external assistance when a difficult situation is inevitably encountered.

The core (cockpit) is the strongest part, with the external elements being relatively flexible. The force from any impact will be dissipated throughout the entire surface, spreading the load away from the point of contact. As a result, the core would only experience minor forces from the most severe of impacts. This structure, along with self-righting, modular type wheel with pit climbing capabilities and simple replacement systems, gives the vehicle a distinct performance advantage during competitive use.

Structural Skin of 2020 Dakar Rally Vehicle