Daniel Gunnarsson
Industrial Design
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How do I design a bicycle that solves the problems of service and maintenance? What are the requirements and needs to meet my target group?

On the market today there are bicycles that have components that are simply built and require only a medium amount of maintenance by its owner or operator. However, there is not one bicycle that contains all of these low maintenance elements to provide a complete solution.

I chose to focus on daily bike users as my target group, the people who use their bike each day to go down to the kiosk or commute to work. I realised that there were two ways to approach this, to make service and maintenance of the bicycle easier, or to remove the parts requiring service and maintenance. I oriented myself in the first instance and identified three main problem areas within servicing and maintenance: the gears, the wheels and the brakes.

5050 is a bike built with two main areas of focus, cycling and you. Through redesigning the main service areas of a bike, I have made it easier to maintain. By using components that extend service intervals, more time can be spent cycling not servicing. The 5050 also provide a bicycle that the user can adapt and customise to meet their own requirements.

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