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Transportation Design
Hong Kong, China
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Description Inspiration Method Final Design

Mercedes-Benz develops a bionics vehicle for young professional cyborgs in 2040. The result is Cyborg Sensation Vehicle (C.S.V.) – a cyborg technology sports car which would provide the best driving sensation for the driver. All kinds of driving information are transmitted directly between the driver’s brain and the vehicle. A new driving method is provided through Brain Computer Interface technology (B.C.I.).

Bionic - learning form natural organisms. A key point in this project has been to study and get inspiration from natural organism structures. The vehicles basic structure concept is inspired by the human skeletal frame and muscle fibre structure. Another aspect considered was to use energy efficiently, adopting an ecological mindset that will become a main trend in 2040.

To create a two seat sport concept to deliver a heightened driver experience – The vehicle will provide enhanced mobility through a new flexible body structure that is totally under control of the driver. Designed for the young professional cyborgs, which is a specific user group in 2040. It should carry Mercedes-Benz styling DNA and satisfy the Mercedes-Benz core values with its environmental concerns.

The C.S.V. final exterior result shows that it carries Mercedes-Benz DNA with dynamic design elements. The body side artificial muscle arrangements provide a very strong and direct visual link to my inspiration. A 360 degree transparent canopy provides a relaxing atmosphere and fun driving experience for the driver. Its off-road + 2 seat sport package arrangement provides a status and an uninhibited style for the young professional cyborg group.

Cyborg Sensation Vehicle