Doojin Choi
Transportation Design
South Korea
+46 72 827 13 22

Description Inspiration Method Final Design

In 2050, personal vehicles are replaced by automated public vehicles for more efficiency and a cleaner environment. Under these circumstances, the only places the petrolheads can run their ‘personal’ vehicles will be on circuits, privately owned runways or deserts designated by the municipality. Based on this synopsis, Bugatti develops a ‘creature-like’ vehicle which will be bought as an ‘infant’ , then be grown and educated by its driver.

Since the vehicle is bought in its “infant” state, it has to physically grow as it gets older. This growing methodology took inspiration from human anatomy, zoology and botany. Investigations were made on how natural creatures appear at each stage of their growth, and then these attributes were applied to the vehicle’s own growing methodology.

The “spine” structure has been installed to the vehicle as a main chassis in order to achieve the growing methodology. The spine bends like a “bow” on rough terrain, increasing chassis flexibility and also raising the ground clearance. Driving on road flattens the spine down-ward to achieve a lower center of gravity and increased stiffness in the chassis. The spine controls the vehicle growth.

The final design features 3 different types of growth from the concept: the “track” version, the “dirt” version and the “road” version. These machines are around 6 to 7 years old. These vehicles have been through many difficult races together. The “patina” effects, scar marks, and scratches on their spines make you appreciate the fact that they are all very experienced machines.

Hone your dream machine.