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According to latest investigations Cancer is becoming one of the leading causes of death in Sweden. As a consequence, research and technological development in this area is constantly increasing and the newest methods of treatment are becoming highly effective and efficient. An example is the improvement in radiation technologies. The projects target is to examine how the use of MRI in the planning of radiotherapy can be improved by enabling the use of modern equipment, but with an innovative placement and fixation.

By enabling a static patient position during the entire scan, it is hoped to improve radiation treatment of cancer in the neck/head region. Currently the patient position varies between scans making it harder to track the image results over time. As well as image results, other areas for consideration included the ease of use for the hospital staff, patient comfort and the use and reuse of standard equipment already available in the hospital.

The project was made possible with the knowledge gained from observations made throughout every step of a treatment process. The development was realised with Siemens AB as a main sponsor and also through close contact with the Norrland University Hospital; particularly with the help of the technical performance requirement expert, Tufve Nyholm. I have evaluated the placement and management in the MRI during the entire process which led up to the final concept.

The final concept is an innovative arrangement of flex coils that allows personal patient fixation with present methods. This allows the planning of radiation therapy based on consistent and accurate MRI images and enables the matching of study images from former steps of the investigation. The product gives the nurse a better overview of the patient and allows an increased focus on the patient’s well-being as opposed to the equipment.

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Coil placement at Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Siemens AB