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Advanced Product Design
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The motor grader is an engineering vehicle designed to create flat surfaces and cambered cross-sections for roads. It is one of the most difficult machines to operate due to its huge size, bad visibility and advanced tool controlling. The flexibility of this concept solves a lot of the restrictions and problems an operator encounter. The machine is retractable for smaller turn radius. The cabin can be swung out, moved and rotated. Pendulum suspension and gyros keep the machine and blade in level.

Currently there is no suspension on the front wheels resulting with the operator having to manually compensate for bumps and holes with the blade. Due to this, while driving; the operator sculpts the road using multiple controls, whilst simultaneously keeping their eyes on the road, the front wheels and the blade. The position of the operator also makes it hard for them to see what is going on in front of the blade; instead having to rely on feeling and experience.

Through extensive product analysis, including on the spot studies, driving and operating the machine for two hours, provided me with a lot of insight on the difficulties operators were facing. Studies in sketching, Lego Techincs, and mock-up building explored the possibility of reconstructing the big machine into something more flexible. Ideation revolved around a front mounted main blade, harvester inspired tools, symmetrical concepts and multipurpose machines before physics played a decisive role.

Customization is designing for the future. It is widely used on the Internet, in furniture and hand-tools, so why not for a machine? This flexible motor grader concept allows the operator to position the cab anywhere he wants to get the best possible visibility. The machine can also be extended to be less affected by uneven ground and retracted to allow for a smaller turning radius. The pendulum wheel suspension and gyro technology keep the machine level, allowing the driver to focus on his work instead.

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