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Industrial Design
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How do you protect civilians from landmines? Already, existing information about dangerous minefields is being used by mine clearance organizations around the world. By also distributing this information to civilians, accidents can be prevented more efficiently. LIMIT is a self sufficient mobile device communicating this information on a digital map. Driven by solar panels, the product stays updated through a satellite receiver.

Many civilians live under constant threat from landmines. Each year 20 000 people step on mines and many live on with severe injuries. This shows that there’s a lot still to do in this field. How can civilians protect themselves from landmines in an effective way? I began with a broad approach, but I was able to gain a clearer understanding and deal directly with the problem by narrowing it down to three types of solutions: locating mines, giving out warnings and physical protection.

The research has mainly been done by interviews and discussions with minefield experts in different organizations. To get to know my target group I’ve worked with personas, fictitious persons built on reality-based information. The work led to eight different concepts all concerning different ways to distribute necessary information about minefields. After evaluation, one final concept was developed which uses icons and easy symbols to make the information available, even for those who can’t read.

The final concept, named LIMIT, is a mobile device that shows minefield information on a digital map. It is driven by solar panels to be self sufficient. The information is updated through a satellite receiver. All techniques and materials are optimized to have low power consumption and a low-cost. The end user, the civilian, can now stay updated about the current mine situation in their home area. LIMIT is distributed to the civilians by the local mine clearance organisation.

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Mine Action: Dissemination of minefield information to civilians

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