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Food is often transported some distance in order to reach the consumer. Transportation not only affects our world, but affects the nature of the products themselves (both ingredients and preservation techniques). By placing the site of production close to the consumer the system can change. One way to change this is by cultivating food at home. The result is a hydroponic system of cultivation which is connected to the fridge. By placing lettuce plants and herbs purchased from the supermarket into the Kitchen Garden system, you can prolong their life and continue to grow them. The system automatically waters and gives light to the garden.

Certain conditions are required for effective plant growth, however the requirements vary depending on which plants are being cultivated. I asked people what they want to grow and saw what conditions were needed. The most important factors identified were light, water, temperature, space, moisture, nutrition, supervision and knowledge. Our everyday lives are full of activity, and we often travel and have a lot to do during the day. This can make it difficult to care for plants, and create the optimum conditions for growth. When most people have little experience of growing, it needs to be done simple and within the time frame we can afford.

“What do you want to grow” and “How do you do it?”… These have been central questions that I put to people with and without experience of farming in order to understand their needs and create an effective solution. I found it was important to have an open dialogue with the user group in order to achieve this. To get a closer picture of growing, I cultivated different plants in a variety of ways. One particular source of help when I have had questions has been Green Fortune, who have guided and inspired me throughout this project.

My design is integrated with the refrigerator, where lettuces and herbs are stored today. This is also a spot where the user can integrate with the cultivation in a practical way. The system very simply enables the customer to prolong the life of plants purchased in the supermarket by providing water and light automatically to assist growth. It can also be used to try to grow plants from seeds by simply changing one plate within the system, allowing the customers to explore and experiment when they have become more familiar with the equipment.

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