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Interaction Design
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How could the radiology department look in the future? Body scanning technologies, healthcare systems and human-computer-interaction methods are developing rapidly. This is a concept to bring these trends together in the radiology department. The radiologists individual workspace, the ‘Radiologists Reading Room’, was the main focus, but also how they exchange and share knowledge. The final concept is a system called Nexight. It combines a highly specialised multi-touch with a 3D interface.

During my research I visited hospitals in Sweden and the Netherlands. I identified three areas in which I thought I could change and improve the radiologists reading room. 1. Radiologists use a mouse and keyboard as their only computer input devices. 2. Transition from analog and paper to digital and networked computer systems. 3. Radiologists reports are very low fidelity and are mainly text based.

Apart from the usual design practices, I made video sketches and functional prototypes throughout the whole project to evaluate and test my ideas even in the early stages. These prototypes of multi-touch and 3D interfaces were also great tools in communicating my ideas to my mentors, friends and especially to the radiologists I was working with.

The final concept is a system called Nexight. It is a specialized multi-touch interface for radiologists. The touch screen controls images and 3D data on the big high resolution screen that is used for analyzing the images. Nexight also incorporates the worldwide healthcare network of the future, so you can share knowledge and receive information seamlessly. The results of the diagnosis are delivered in augmented 3D print-outs of parts of the scanned patient’s anatomy.

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