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Industrial Design
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By taking into account the natural aging of people over the age of 55, this project aims to create a more user adapted mobile phone. The result of the project aims to make mobile telephony simpler to handle, but also to encourage independent activities. This gives the user a feeling of safety, providing them with a good, firm grip, even with reduced hand capabilities. The concept consists of a hand held mobile phone, a roll-able induction loader and a multiuse wristband.

The inspiration for this project was the fact that so many people in my environment complain about their mobile phones and that they cannot use it. This does not only annoy the users that feel this way, it also puts them in a position where they must either ask for help, or make the effort to learn. Sometimes this leads to the user being alienated from this type of technology. Since mobile phones are increasingly becoming a must have to manage your life, alienation from this technology becomes a problem.

The project aims to find a way to adapt mobile telephony to this user group. My approach was to conduct user studies through interviews, observations, workshops and creating user profiles to form the basis for my project.

The handheld unit has all the functions of a normal mobile phone but has a softer form to lie steadier in weak or small hands. The big touch screen allows for a more intuitive navigation and for an increased keypad size. The roll-able induction loader removes the need to handle small wires normally required to recharge the phone, simplifying the process. The wristband works like a safety alarm for those who do not want to be contactable when out on long walks, but still want to be able call for help in an emergency situation.

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Mobile telephony in a society with increasing average age

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