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Interaction Design
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This project is a system of objects which, when combined with software, work together to offer children with special needs the opportunity to communicate in a better way. I have developed two integrated solutions: one part of the system is an application for creating personalized symbols in a fast and easy way using a mobile phone for the caregiver. The other part consisted of wearable buttons that work as images which the child can hang on their clothes and use for communication.

My user, a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome and Autism, doesn`t speak or use signs very often. The communication with both his teacher and his mother isn´t as good as it could be. Therefore, this project focused on designing a system that would improve the communication skills of the child.

Participatory Design is where the designer moves away from the traditional workplace, toward a versatile place where it is possible to meet the user and collaborate with them. In this case, I flew to Stockholm a couple of times to meet my user in both pre-school and home environments. The caregiver and the mother were actively participating with me in the development of the ideas. The methodology followed was to test our prototypes with the child during one week, making changes on the way.

The most important part of the successfully tested applications was to use personalized videos and symbols for the child. Currently, this personalization can´t be done in a fast and easy way by the caregiver or relatives. My proposal is a “Symbol Creator” application for the caregiver to generate personalized symbols using a mobile phone in a quick and easy way. The resulting symbols can be used together with a series of applications that they can use as interface elements.

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