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What can you expect from a design project aimed at improving the sanitary situation in portable toilets? What does it take? In this project I have concluded it takes quite a lot. This is my suggestion on how the situation can be approached.

Visiting one’s own private bathroom is a somewhat convenient experience. But when it comes to public toilets the situation appears a little different. Most people are disgusted by the lack of cleanliness. In addition, there are often far too few toilets available. The market offers several types of public toilets and each type has its own pros and cons. The outstanding maximum capacity together with issues of cleanliness made the portable toilet a natural choice of focus.

After the problem framing, and an initial phase of ideation, the work was soon oriented towards mock ups and user feedback. During the concept development process focus was also put on exploration of semantics and 3d form evaluation. The chart shows the intended positioning of the future product.

My solution is a user-oriented design that combines two concepts for improving the sanitary situation in portable toilets. The first concept includes three changes of the waste tank, optimizing the use of the interior space. The second concept involves optical sensors regulating the access of the seat depending on the user’s position. By preventing standing urination, the seat helps to minimize the main source of dirtiness. The modular design enables the customisation of the toilet to achieve the desired level of service and cleanliness.

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Sanitary issues in portable toilets

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