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Industrial Design
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Description Inspiration Method Final Design

The aim of this work, on the basis of seniors’ lifestyle and everyday activities, is to create a product solution that facilitates the user’s needs to give more independence and opportunity for mobility and active lifestyles. The project aims to demonstrate a conceptual solution for an attractive means of transport for seniors as an alternative to the walker / scooter in order to better manage today’s needs and requirements. The result is a vision of the future that focuses on the user and their environment.

THE USERS - Seniors with an active life, who are in need of aid or relief for mobility in everyday situations. PROBLEM AREAS - Men tend not to use a walker. Many people have a problem walking longer distances. People using a scooter may not achieve the required level of exercise. Also, it is difficult to get into stores, etc. with the scooter. Many transports have low barrier tolerances. Many tools have an appearance that is not appreciated by the user.

THE ENVIRONMENT - In the city there are problems such as road surfaces and slopes. It is often difficult to get into shops due to space constraints. HOW WILL SENIORS LIVE IN TEN YEARS? - Interpretation repertoires suggest that future seniors will sell the villa to move into the city to live in housing with proximity to culture, consumption and interaction. The image corresponds to my user’s vision for the future.

ICIO increases the user’s independence, and allows for a continued active life. Basic health and quality of life is that the elderly can continue to be physically, mentally and socially active. By keeping seniors active and provide an opportunity to move not only increases the quality of life of seniors, but the cost to society is less if seniors remain active and therefore healthier. Helping maintain the life and activities seniors previously enjoyed also helps to maintain their mental health.

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ICIO personal transporter for seniors

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