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Industrial Design
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What is energy? How do we relate to it? Through sensor-driven light effects and natural materials, this project creates a relationship between hotel guests and the solar energy system that powers their hotel. Through this interaction the hotel simultaneously achieves two goals: it sets itself apart as an ecologically minded institution and challenges the public to rethink their relationship with energy.

European buildings contribute 36% of carbon dioxide pollution to the atmosphere as a result of heating, cooling and electrical power consumption. While clean energy systems are available, there is often a large gap between knowing that these systems exist and installing one at a commercial or residential location. Business owners typically claim that these systems are too expensive to install, especially in a global age of low cost consumption. This project challenges this notion by translating clean energy solutions into an immersive and differentiating experience for customers.

To understanding how consumers make choices about the environment one starts with understanding the drivers of human behavior as well as a spectra of cultural variables. During two weeks of in-depth interviews I discovered that people have become colour-blind to “green” arguments and that many people believe our society is hypocritical by promoting conservation and consumption at the same time. There is an urge for more sustainable natural materials that appeal to all senses and fewer “screens that are trying to sell us stuff”.

Building on our love for nature I combined new electronics such as sensor-driven LED projections with local glass and woodcraft. I created a new morphology inspired by nature but driven by human interaction. Similar to trees growing more and larger leaves from days of direct sunlight, a projection would show how much sunlight has been transformed into energy during the last three days. The continuous “photosynthesis” is made tangible by displaying the conversion from sunrays into litres of heated water and the electrical current generated in real time.

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