Matthew Brown
Interaction Design

Description Inspiration Method Final Design

I wanted to look at some possible food futures and make some artifacts from those futures.

I was inspired by inventions like microwaves, tv dinners, campfires, all sorts of things. I was really interested in getting some pure ideas out, without the filler.

I did a lot of sketches for this project, and focused a lot on making. I would usually sketch down some ideas, and talk to classmates about them. Sometimes I would tell my ideas to my Mom, and then she would ask some of the kids at the school she teaches whether or not the ideas were cool. All of the final models are still sketches, intended to help other people come up with ideas and so people can start to talk about them.

There is too much to talk about in the 500 characters we get. I made a pasta printer, an egg maker, a cheese extruder, a new potato system, a portable fruit cocktail, a special spoon, a new eating system for kids, a snack maker, a lot of egg designs, cell cartridges, food cartridges, pasta shapes, a new tortilla dipping system, and some other stuff too. It is best if you can come to the show to see it.

In collaboration with

Food and the future of it

The Peasley Society