Mikko Pitkänen
Interaction Design
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Description Inspiration Method Final Design

Gadgets, the world is full of useless things we don´t need, but we still buy them, use them for few days and then buy the next gadget. I decided to follow Jean-Jacques Rousseau´s doctrine “Let us return to nature”, by designing systems around synthetic biology, which allows easy creation of recombinant DNA, in other words creating new life-forms out of existing ones. This Project is not trying to figure out what kind of new life is going to be created, but how it´s going to be created.

Computers were not of any interest until they were made to be garage science. This is how all the giants started. Biotechnology is stagnated into a whirlpool of science that ordinary people have no understanding of. However, movements trying to bring biotechnology to general audience are surfacing the same way they did in the 1970s for computers. This will accelerate the invention of medicine and other things biology can do for us.

Extensive research on biotechnology and general molecular biology was carried out to find the easiest possible means for humans to cook biology in the comfort of their own homes. It must be noted that even the easiest technologies are quite hard to get into. The process was like learning how to build computers with parts that are scattered all over the globe. My conclusion was that using Synthetic Biology that combines engineering practices with biotechnology was the best option.

Using standardized, open source technology called BioBricks, a scenario based around the idea of desktop biology was built. This was not meant to be a completed system, but an exploration on what could be possible. Biology will be a material for hobbyists, designers and engineers to play with. Therefore it is important that protocols on how to maintain safety and cohesion are taught early on before this sort of technology is released to the general public.

When the rats have done their duty, you will not miss your iPhone.