Nils-Johan Eriksson
Industrial Design
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Almost 2 billion passengers travel by commercial aviation annually. Every day there are 22 to 33 medical incidents, and the frequency of these incidents is increasing due to an ageing population. Conducting emergency treatment in-flight is hard because of the limitations of space and equipment. This is a concept for an emergency medical kit that meets the needs to operate in these incidents and therefore improves the prerequisites in life and death situations.

The intention of this project was to investigate how users are handling medical products in difficult conditions, such as confined spaces and under time pressure. The main objective was to change the preconditions for saving lives by having a design approach to the equipment available.

My approach was to get a full picture of the problem by analyzing the context of a commercial plane, making fictitious incidents, filming people and products relating to emergency medical situations. The research was a base for creative solutions which were later on evaluated to deliver a final concept.

The result is an emergency medical kit with improved opportunities for handling and a clear overview of its contents.

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A design approach to medical equipment in commercial aviation

Umbilical Design, SAS