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To be visible in the near Future we would aspire to be on the top-20 lists of all multiple and complex networks we belonged to. Chameleo is a tool that helps manage our identity for us in a rapidly twitterizing world where we would constantly create, edit and share mediated content to remain visible in our social spheres.

Chameleo was inspired by recent occurrences in Social Networking and newer social media tools. This project examined their deep impacts on our identity. Today, we are rapidly entering an era when mediated information is a constant stream and we are compulsive contributors. More aspects of our life are shifting Cloudward, and with the dawn of ubiquitous computing - The Cloud is coming down to Earth. Identity as a result is becoming ever more ephemeral and complex to manage.

The original scope was so vast and abstract that it was a huge challenge to reframe and streamline my ambitions along the way. A Future Concept like this involved the use of several sessions of body-storming for concepts related to identity. The core issues under scrutiny were human relationships and our tools. The research phase included various stages of scenario building, persona-development, brainstorms and user-feedback.

Chameleo is a service that helps manage our digital identity in an age when we are constantly creating and sharing content in order to stay visible. Chameleo would exist a few years in the Future in much more advanced versions of our mobile devices. It would observe and learn our behavioral patterns and preferences in dealing with our multiple online identities and help us manage the way our identity was molded based on location, time, proximity and place.

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Chameleo - The Intriguing Case of Human Identity.

Microsoft, Seattle.