Ricardo Sa Freire
Advanced Product Design
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Description Inspiration Method Final Design

A portable movement analysis unit, like its name suggests, is a portable device used to measure and analyze body movement. Since there is no product in the market capable of performing the same tasks, its commercial applications can be numerous from entertainment to medicine, passing by sports and professional measuring.

The use of accelerometers as motion capturing sensors in a portable device to measure movement is something completely new. For this reason I had to deeply explore every single aspect of the project, from user point of view through to manufacturing. During the earlier phases a lot of scenarios were created in order to facilitate the visualization of the concept.

Since the original concept was meant for medical use I had the chance to go to several hospital visits and laboratory sessions during my research and development phase. This gave me a great overall view of the environment and users. This was a key factor when it came time to take decisions on materials, sizing and construction.

The final design was not one, but actually two. One prototype, which used available technology, designed to be used by orthopedists in the hospital, and additional concept versions using state of the art technologies designed to be used by high performance athletes for training purposes.

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Portable Movement Analysis Unit

Department Of Biomedical Engineering And Informatics At Umeå University