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“Sound Snake” is a tool for working with the sound environment at preschool. By giving a positive response when the sound level is low, using a light and sound signal, the Sound Snake encourages children to explore and experience behaviour with a lower sound level. It also works as a reminder for both children and adults that the sound environment is something to be mindful of. The project name is: “Sound and noise - a project about the sound environment at preschool”.

The sound level at preschool can sometimes get dangerously high due to the activities of the children (aged 1-5) who spend their days there. The purpose of this project was to find ways of explaining sound environment to the children, and including them in the work of improving it.

Through surveys and interviews with Pedagogs, and visits to different preschools, a picture of the environment and needs of a preschool was made. Concepts were made and evaluated at workshops and creative sessions with students at the design school, Pedagogs from the preschool and children aged 4-6.

It seems that the first and most important step when working with improving the sound environment is to become aware of it. Sound snake is meant to be used as an entrance point for achieving that. It can easily be moved around and thereby be used in different situations. It rewards a more silent sound behaviour and encourages listening. By becoming more aware both children and adults can become more sensitive to how sound affects them and those around them at all times.

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