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Interaction Design
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Urbanization of earth population transforms cities into big information and services hubs which provide a platform for ubiquitous and mobile computing to develop. Under those circumstances public displays are used to provide different types of information and services. Having the above in mind, it is necessary to design and implement visually appealing and easy to use touch-screen applications for these public displays.

During my master degree project, firstly, I tried to grasp the attitudes and the reactions of the people towards applications like that. Furthermore, I tried to trace trends in the development of gestural interface applications. Using the conclusions from the first two steps I developed an interactive application that can be hosted on the public displays and offer to the potential user a moment of entertainment during their walk in the city centre.

The display should reveal that it is interactive and touchable. Indications of how to use it can be the motion, the texture or the appearance. Users need a feedback that their command has been heard and expect an immediate response. Interactive applications are naturally playful. The user can be engaged to a playful interactive attitude and make them explore new features and gestures if the application is forgiving to mistakes and aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

The solution is an interactive map of the city. The application should trigger the interest of the passersby to use it. The user gets information or tips about things happening in the city but still the application is not a search machine or an advertising tool. It is an amusing and decorative installation in central points of the city, where the user can spend a couple of minutes using it on their way somewhere and release some of their daily stress.

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Interactive application for public displays in Oulu.

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