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Outdoor work can create muscle pain and greater risks of heart attacks and loss of valuable time. This concept aims to eliminate such factors and address the growing ‘silver generation’. The flexible assistant tends to your outdoor needs all year round. A quiet, time saving solution.

Garden work is the number one cause of back pain in spring time. Overexertion, lifting, pushing or pulling causes back injuries, as well as broken bones and even heat stroke. In wintertime, shoveling snow can increase the risk of a heart attack by as much as 1000%. Some of the more mundane and frequently done tasks that cause these physical issues are: mowing, snow blowing, leaf blowing, and sweeping. With aging comes a natural reduction in strength. For the silver generation there is a demand to maintain a high quality of lifestyle. By reducing the stress and risk of more tedious outdoor work you could allow this lifestyle to be maintained and provide time for other, more pleasurable aspects of gardening.

My process began with questionnaires, interviews and workshops to gain an insight in to the needs and requirements of my target group. Through these extensive user studies and competitor product analysis I identified two key words to focus on: Dependable and Adaptable. Using sketching and model making I explored the form and appropriate semantics before evaluating my final concepts with the intended user group.

My final design is an autonomous outdoor product for the demanding consumer. The flexible design makes it easy to change from mowing to leaf blowing/collecting, sweeping to snow removal. 365 BUD-E eliminates the physical aspects of outdoor work and saves you time, as well as reducing stress and noise pollution, allowing you to stay safe and enjoy your garden throughout all the seasons!

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