Ulrik Svenningsen
Advanced Product Design
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Subscribe Bike system for Umeå - Pedal+ provides care free cycling. A subscription to pedal+ system includes more than the electric Pedal+ bike; Service checks, seasonal tire change, road assistance and a mileage reward program is part of the package. All designed to motivate cycling every day in Umeå.

The goal of Pedal+ is to motivate more people to choose the bicycle for daily transportation in Umeå. The Initial research revealed three core challenges: 1. Motivating cycling instead of driving. 2. Motivating cycling to work. 3. Motivating cycling all year.

Based on workshop interviews with potential users at their workplaces, the concept for motivating a bicycle subscription service was developed. The final design of the special bicycle was guided by design specifications derived from the service design.

The final design solution is a combination of service design and product design. The service design is a Subscribe Bike system that includes; service & maintenance, electric assisted bicycle, tracking & user account, mileage reward system and social/cultural activities. The Product design is a bespoke bicycle, which meets the special requirements of the service system.

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