Monogram Creative console

Monogram console is a collection of interactive bits for your computer that you can arrange physically and configure to use with several creative softwares such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc. Early testing has shown it might even be possible to use in things written in Processing or P5, allowing the gadgets to be used for custom interactive exploration.

OP-Z synthesizer and sequencer

OP–Z is an advanced fully portable 16-track sequencer and synthesizer, with a range of both sample based and synthesis based sounds. Find out more at:

Kobo e-book reader

Kobo Libra H20 läsplatta (svart)

An e-ink screen is a type of screen that uses very little energy and in its simplest state will give more of an impression reading off of a regular book page than an electric screen. This e-book reader uses that kind of technology combined with some extra perks to make it a nice alternative to a tablet for reading.

Old TV replaced by new

The 50″ Sony TV that has been a staple in the interaction Lab has finally given up it’s ghost. To replace it we have gotten a 50″ Samsung TV which frankly is lighter and considerably more modern.

Sound projector!

The Soundlazer is a speaker that projects the sound in a very focused beam. This can be used to play sound at a single person (although direct exposure to the ear is not recommended) but more excitingly, when the sound hits a surface the sounds spreads normally giving the illusion that the surface is the source of the sound. This way you can make a window give the impression there are birds there or make it sound like someone is using a chainsaw in a flowerpot.

GoPro Hero 7 white action camera

Tough action camera, water resistant down to 10 meters. Comes in a small hard case with micro SD card, USB cable for charging and computer access.

Controlling stuff with your MIND!

A consumer version of an EEG reader that reads voltages from your head and transmits values via Bluetooth to a Windows, Android or OSX-device. Drivers and fun software to explore brain activity with can be downloaded from

Some mood light

For your mood setting pleasure we’ve got a few of these flexible silicone neon-Like LED strips. You can’t control them in any exciting way, but they light up real nice. You power them with 9-12 volts, and they pull a LOT of current, so you need a power source than can give up to 1,1 Amps. Available in blue and warm white.

Simple sound player

Bare conductive has made a board for playing MP3-files on an external speaker. The sounds are stored on a micro SD card and you trigger the sounds by touching metal points corresponding to the files. However, the metal points can be extended by crocodile clips, cable, foil or anything metallic. This opens up for using your imagination to create a shape or space that plays music or sound effects when interacted with.

More details here: