The purpose of the Interaction Lab is to support activities where students and researchers need to explore and “build” interactions. The students can learn and refine their skills in electronics, interactive systems, and programming. They can use state-of-the art products/systems to discover new interaction paradigms, or combine bits and pieces to bring new ideas to life. We encourage them to develop their understanding of prototyping activities by learning how to build semi or fully functional prototypes, but most importantly why and how it all fits in the design process. The facilities offer gadgets, machines and components to create “experiences” on-demand.

We see the Interaction Lab as a natural companion to the traditional labs and workshops; wood, metal, clay, etc. It is the perfect breeding ground for a new generation of industrial and interaction design projects.

Check the inventory to see what devices and items we have available. There is over 350 000 sek worth of equipment for you to borrow and use!